Who we are

CEEREAL represents the European breakfast cereal and oat milling industry and consists of 12 member companies and 7 national associations from 7 countries. CEEREAL brings together international brands as well as family-owned businesses of all sizes.

CEEREAL was founded in 1992 as the successor of the Producer’s Association of Oats (PAO). Since 2021, CEEREAL is an association (asbl) under Belgian law.

CEEREAL is an active member of FoodDrinkEurope.


Our members provide safe, nutritious, sustainable, affordable, and enjoyable breakfast cereals, which are valued by all people.


Our mission is to be the voice of the European breakfast cereal and oat milling industries in order to:

  • Represent the specific interests of our members towards the EU institutions, regulators, and external stakeholders;
  • Help shape a balanced and science-based regulatory environment conducive to sustainable growth and innovation for European breakfast cereal and oat milling companies;
  • Promote the role of breakfast cereals and oats as part of a healthy and sustainable diet and lifestyle;
  • Support members in their progression towards sustainability from seed to spoon.

What are Breakfast Cereals

Breakfast cereals refer to oats, muesli, granola and cereals. As grain-based foods, they are mainly made of oats, wheat, maize, rice, and barley. To make them consumable, more nutritious, safe, and to turn them into the products people find on the shelves, breakfast cereals go through several stages of preparation.

Why we do what we do

For many people, breakfast cereals are an essential part of their daily diet. The benefits of regular breakfast cereal consumption are numerous, ranging from supporting the intake of key nutrients to positively contributing to more sustainable food systems as part of a plant-based diet. CEEREAL members firmly believe that breakfast is a vital if not the most important meal of the day, which provides the energy and nutrition to kickstart the day.

For CEEREAL members, this translates into the commitment and responsibility to provide people with breakfast cereals that are safe, nutritious, sustainable, and enjoyable. It is their ambition to contribute to the quality of people’s diets and to constantly improve their products.


Recognising that breakfast cereals are an integral part of people’s diets, safety is at the heart of CEEREAL members’ concerns. Their breakfast cereals adhere to highest quality and safety standards – from the grain to the final product.


CEEREAL members continue their reformulation efforts and increase the variety of their offer to give people a large range of healthy and tasty options.


To accelerate the shift towards more sustainable food systems, CEEREAL members continously reduce the environmental impact of their products, including by reducing carbon emissions, increasing circular and sustainable packaging, decreasing food waste and promoting regenerative agriculture.


CEEREAL members offer people a variety of products to choose from based on different grains, taste and texture so they can adjust their breakfast cereal consumption to their preferences and their dietary needs.


CEEREAL is an association (asbl) under Belgian law and its statutes have been published with the Moniteur Belge. CEEREAL is also present in the EU Transparency Register.



Ece Nevra Durukan,
Cereal Partners Worldwide


Jochen Brüggen,
H. & J. Brüggen KG

General Assembly

The General Assembly is composed of all CEEREAL members. Its main competences include approving CEEREAL’s objectives, priorities and finances and electing the Board of Directors as well as the President and the Vice-President.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of up to eight representatives of Association and Company Members that are elected by the General Assembly. The current Board of Directors is composed of the President and Vice-President, as well as:

Peter Haarbeck

VGMS, German Association Member

Olivier Vernier


Niklas Kumlin

ETS, Finnish Association Member

Working Groups

CEEREAL currently has two working groups

Nutrition, Sustainability and Communications (NSC)

Nina Peacock, Kellanova
Chair of the NSC Working Group

Food Safety (FS)

Jörg Cselovszky, Cereal Partners Worldwide
Chair of the FS Working Group


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