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CPW makes breakfast better

As a leading breakfast cereal company, Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW) believes it is in a unique position. Its products are on the tables of millions of families every morning. CPW therefore considers it has an important role to play in educating and promoting the role of breakfast in a healthy, balanced diet.

Over the last 30 years, CPW has let one thing guide its decisions – the company’s purpose of Making Breakfast Better – and has been on a journey to improve the content of its cereals.

With the hard work of a dedicated team of researchers, scientists, and nutritionists, CPW has created a portfolio that tastes great while still reflecting the needs and expectations of consumers.

Specifically, the company has:

  • Increased the amount of whole grain it uses in its cereals – over 90% of its breakfast cereal recipes contain whole grain as the number one ingredient – a figure that increases to more than 99% if you consider its children and teens ready-to-eat breakfast cereals.
  • Reduced total sugars – over 80% of its cereals have equal to or less than two teaspoons of sugar (7.5g) per 30g serving.
  • Reduced salt – 95% of its cereals have less than 450mg of sodium per 100g.
  • Increased fibre content – over 99% of its products are a source of fibre.

As part of its commitment to making breakfast better, CPW is also constantly looking at new ways to help everyone make informed decisions about what they eat. That is why all their cereals carry relevant front-of-pack labelling, guidance on recommended portion size as well as what components make a balanced breakfast. In addition, when consumers see the green banner on the packaging, they can be sure that whole grain is the number one ingredient with a minimum 8g of whole grain per 30g serving alongside no artificial colours or flavours.

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